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A Beadworker's Toolbook


Contains graph paper that you can copy for 6 popular stitches and 9 seed bead sizes.

Also contains detailed stitch instructions with step by step diagrams and complete thread path diagrams.

Each section contains...


hummingbird bullet Basic stitch instructions in step by step graphical form

hummingbird bullet More than eighty pages of graph paper in actual size and twice actual size

hummingbird bullet Stitches are represented in seed beads in size 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, size 8 hex cuts, 15 hex cuts and delicas

hummingbird bullet Graphs for peyote stitch, brick stitch, square stitch, loom weaving and right angle weave

hummingbird bullet Each of the pages magnified 1X and 2X

hummingbird bullet Copyright permission to copy unlimited pages for personal use

hummingbird bullet CLICK HERE to see sample pages.

Order as hard copy sent by USPS to your door, download as an eBook or order just the sections you want. Click the hummingbird bullet below to choose your next step.


hummingbird bullet eBook for $9.95 hummingbird bullet Sections for $3.95 hummingbird bulletPrinted Copy for $19.95